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Contouring is the cornerstone of any makeup lover. Effective contouring with makeup can subtly accentuate features of a person's face or be used as a tool to alter the appearance or shape of features. The principle of contouring can also be applied to lips!

A combination of light and darker shades on the lips can improve lip shape, size, and appearance.

CC Clarke uses a lip liner to create a subtle creased lip look, similar to Angelina Jolie’s lips. This is achieved by using up liner to mark darker contour lines on the lips. The bottom lip has one line vertically down the middle of the lip and the top lip has two angled lines to create the perfect full and creased lips look.

After using the lip liner fill in the rest of the lips with a lipstick and a lighter shade or a pigmented gloss or our ‘Hot Shine Balm’ can then be used on top for the perfect flawless finish.

Check out this quick and simple tutorial video below!

Beth Wainwright

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