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Beauty Tips by CC Clarke



Contouring is the cornerstone of any makeup lover. Effective contouring with makeup can subtly accentuate features of a person's face or be used as a tool to alter the appearance or shape of features. The principle of contouring can also be applied to lips!

A combination of light and darker shades on the lips can improve lip shape, size, and appearance.

CC Clarke uses a lip liner to create a subtle creased lip look, similar to Angelina Jolie’s lips. This is achieved by using up liner to mark darker contour lines on the lips. The bottom lip has one line vertically down the middle of the lip and the top lip has two angled lines to create the perfect full and creased lips look.

After using the lip liner fill in the rest of the lips with a lipstick and a lighter shade or a pigmented gloss or our ‘Hot Shine Balm’ can then be used on top for the perfect flawless finish.

Check out this quick and simple tutorial video below!

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Exfoliate your lips

The key to any good lipstick look, whether it’s gloss, matte, liquid or classic, is always a clean smooth result. If lipstick is applied to flakey lips, this can create a bumpy or uneven look. This is super simple to avoid by exfoliating your lips to remove dead skin before applying any lipstick. There are many products you can use to do this, even if you need to do this on the go with homemade options, you can find some homemade options here ( our favourite is a simple mix of honey and sugar)

Ombré Lipsticks for fuller, more 3D lips

One of the main reasons we have created our lipstick line is to help people achieve fuller, more 3D lip looks easily. Using more than one colour that compliments the other in an ombre look achieves this. Just use the lighter shade of lipstick on the inner most part of your lips and blend to create this simple yet effective look. For video tutorials on this please see our instructions page here.

Use a brush to blend

If you’re struggling to effectively blend two lipsticks to create ombre look on your lips a great way to achieve this is to use a small brush. A small eye shadow brush is perfect. We suggest applying the base darker shade to your lips first directly, then apply some of the lighter shade lipstick to a eye shadow or small brush and use this to feather and defuse the lighter shade onto the inner most parts of your lips. This will also stop you getting lipstick on your fingers when ombréing!

Achieve a better colour with concealer

Sometimes if your natural lips have strong pigment or pink/red tones these can show through a lipstick and create an uneven colour on your lips. To avoid this, use your finger to pat a small amount of concealer on your lips and allow to dry before applying lipstick, this will create a even base for the lipstick to then be applied an you’ll achieve the true colour of the lipstick.

Use a Lip Liner

Use a matching colour lipstick liner to outline your lips. The effect of this simple method is a more defined lip shape but also bigger fuller lips. Simply use the lip liner to create a thin line, making sure to define the top of your lips, then apply lipstick afterwards. 

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