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Stand Out Trends Of 2020 That Celebrities Are Loving

Stand Out Trends Of 2020 That Celebrities Are Loving

Stand Out Trends Of 2020 That Celebrities Are Loving


Now 2020 has definitely been a strange year to say the least! Who would have thought this time last year that we would be shopping for masks to match your outfits and crossing the road to avoid contact with people? Learning how to live with our new normal has proved challenges but it’s also brought us some amazing new fashion and beauty trends that celebrities and bloggers around the world have been bringing into their posts.


Matching Masks


Now we can’t get much more 2020 than matching outfits to your mask and this has been a trend that people around the world have been loving. This outlet of creativity and identity has been loved by many, people even making their own masks to match their outfit of the day (ootd). This fashion trend has been worn by celebrities ranging from Kim Kardashian to Chrissy Teigen and it looks like the matching masks may be here to stay longer than we thought.


Space Buns


The hair trend of space buns has been brought back each year at festival season, even though festival season was cancelled this year the space buns still made their return. The style of 2 small buns on the top of your head is a cute, stylish way of rocking that hair up do. From braided buns to sleek, slick back buns they are a style loved by many. This hairstyle is proof that the 90s revival is very much alive and kicking and the through back Gwen Stefani vibes are everything we love about the throw back.



Matte Lip Look


The matte lip is something here at Hot Ombre Cosmetics we are definitely a fan off and something we began to build our brand with. It is also a keen favourite of our very own girl boss and owner of Hot Ombre, CC Clarke. A strong matte lipstick can be the cherry on top of your make up style and can either be used as a pop of colour to stand out or used with a subtle nude to tie in your entire make up look. The perfect matte lipstick can be hard to find, with many drying out your lips or cracking. But don’t panic here at Hot Ombre Cosmetics we have perfected our liquid lipstick formula that is like silk to apply is very lightweight and don’t crumble – and did we mention they’re transfer proof so won’t come of when wearing masks?


Shop our full collection Immortal Matte Ombre Liquid Lipstick on our website www.hotombrecosmetics.com

Beth Wainwright

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