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Hey Hotties Welcome (back) To The 60’s

Hey Hotties Welcome (back) To The 60’s

The 1960’s will always be an iconic decade in both the fashion and the beauty industry and as we head into 2021, we are welcoming in the inspiration and looking into our new year trends. As we begin to see the 60’s inspiration becoming more and more prominent in our Pinterest boards and taking over our Instagram feed, we want to explore the different ways we can use our fave Hot Ombré products to recreate them!

Ever since pop star Arianna Grande released the music video for her upcoming album ‘Positions’, the industry has been going crazy for her 1960’s fashion throwbacks. The music mogul has since released multiple tracks and music videos that are heavily inspired by the 1960’s fashion and beauty throwbacks which has set the tone for 2021’s beauty and fashion
trends. We are extremely excited to begin seeing the comeback of the dramatic winged eyeliner and super voluminous hair. The era of having fun with your style and expressing your personality through your makeup is well and truly back and we are totally here for it.


The Arianna Grande looks have inspired millions on TikTok to recreate the looks and make 60’s themed videos on the popular video platform. However, nothing screams 1960’s makeup more than a cut crease eye look, we have already witnessed stars such as J-Lo and Adele recreating the trend on the red carpet. (and if it's good enough for J-Lo it's definitely good enough for us) This iconic look can be created perfectly with our Hot Ombre Liquid Lipstick, the perfect formula and matched shades gives an easy 2 step cut crease process. Using the lighter shade on the lid, buffing with a light shadow brush to blend, then going into the crease of the eye with the darker shade to create the perfect cut crease look.

It got us thinking how we could bring Hot Ombre into the 60’s with a bang. Taking advice and inspiration from beauty blogger @grainnebinns we wanted to start experimenting and creating some sassy sixties looks with Hot Ombre.
Starting with a classic, the perfect winged eyeliner. You won't be needing to reach for your black liquid liner for this look, but instead use one of your Hot Ombré Immortal Matte Lip Kits! We know what you’re thinking "lipstick for eyeliner? Surely not" but you couldn’t be more wrong. Our easy to apply, creamy formula is the perfect formula to use on the eye. Who wants boring black wings right? 


Our stunning shade COFFEE WHIP will transform your usual eyeliner look by using a deep, luxurious brown tone that will bring an iconic 60’s trend into the modern day.


Dramatic eyelashes are the showstopper of any 1960’s inspired look and even better when they’re cruelty free. At Hot Ombre Cosmetics we launched our new collection of Faux Mink Eyelashes that we are proud to say are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Now for that eye-catching 60’s look, our lash shape ‘BADDEST’ couldn’t be better. The full lash is full of drama
and style making everyone drop what they are doing and obsess over your statement eye look!


Taking these few tips, getting on board with the 60’s trend couldn’t be easier – or more fun. So, go and practice your perfect winged eyeliner and start back combing that hair and join us in welcoming back the 1960’s.

All Hot Ombre products can be found on our website www.hotombrecosmetics.com

Beth Wainwright

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