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It's Glow Time

It's Glow Time

Are you ready to Glow?


Here at Hot Ombre Cosmetics we have launched a brand-new product range and it’s been in every beauty influencer and make-up artist must have products since, from Sarah Ashcroft to Rachel Leary this product launch is loved by the best beauty gurus in the world. The ‘Glow’ collection consisted of a new hero product ‘Transformer Gloss’ and the best palette you’ll own ‘Smoke & Glow Pressed Pigment Palette’.


Our girl boss CC Clarke and the team have been working on creating these ultimate products and getting them perfect for a while now. CC Clarke wanted to bring everything she loves and considers to be her ‘go to’ products together, from colours, pigments and formulas CC Clarke has put her full attention into the detailing of each product Hot Ombre releases.


This collection in particular is something CC Clarke has been excited to launch, since becoming a mum late last year her priorities and time for make-up has changed. Looking after her new born baby girl has left her needing everything she’s gone to use in a simple, time effective collection which is what Hot Ombre Cosmetics brings.


Say hello to the Smoke & Glow Pressed Pigment Palette this new pigment palette will be your new go to beauty product you won’t be able to live without. This 16-pan palette is a mix of matte and shimmer pigments that are perfect for eyeshadow. From the classic smoky eye to a dramatic pop of colour this palette is perfect for you.  This new palette is not just for the eyes it can be used as blush and highlight, the multi functioning palette allows everything you need to be in one simple compact product.


There’s not just one new beauty product at Hot Ombre Cosmetics there’s two! Are you ready for Transformer Gloss? What better way to celebrate girl boss CC Clarke with her new arrival than naming this stunning shade Baby Girl? This iridescent dream glides onto the lip effortlessly and will transform our bestselling Ombre Matte Liquid Lipsticks from matte to gloss without changing or transferring the colour. However, if you are looking to wear this gloss on its own you won’t be disappointed. The subtle yet stunning pink shade used on bare lips gives the illusion of juicer, plumper lips without the filler.


So, whether you’re planning your new glam looks for when lock down ends or wanting a natural every day glowing make up look Hot Ombre Cosmetics have everything you’ll need.

Have you shopped it yet? www.hotombrecosmetics.com

Beth Wainwright

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