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Make Up Hack When Wearing Your Mask

Make Up Hack When Wearing Your Mask

The Perfect Makeup Hack To Wear With You Mask             


This year has definitely been one to remember, Covid19 has turned the world upside down and we are still working out ways to cope and adapt to our ‘new normal’ way of living.


Wearing a mask in public places and shops has become something we have all had to do, and sometimes wearing make-up can seem pointless when a mask is covering most of our face, but let’s not allow this pandemic dim our sparkle, we can still look and feel our best for us inside.


Did you know Hot Ombre’s Ombre Lip Kits are completely transfer proof? Yes, that means when out and about behind your mask your looking and feeling fabulous and even when you take your mask off your ombre liquid lipstick will still be in perfect condition and not budged.


Our transfer proof lip kits are something CC Clarke has formulated and designed for years to get perfect. We want you to still feel confident and creative with your make up looks. So whatever mask you choose to wear Hot Ombre liquid lipstick is safe and won’t be going anywhere. So, if you are heading out put on your favourite Hot Ombre matt liquid lipstick and don’t forget your mask to keep you and others safe.


What is behind your mask? Because behind ours is the perfect ombre lip look that’s making us look and feel ready to take on anything that’s thrown at us.


Here at Hot Ombre we have created the perfect formula for the perfect ombre lip look, the ombre lip was a keen favourite of beauty queen and blogger CC Clarke. She shared with her followers how she gave the illusion of fuller, plumper, on trend lip look. The ombre trend is the concept of applying a darker shade lip colour to the entire lip then going back with a lighter shade lip colour and applying to the middle of the lip, patting into place to get perfect blend.


This ombre lip look became CC Clarkes signature look and she often recommended different brands lip sticks and colours to get the perfect blend, after years of this CC Clarke wanted to create something herself to save all the guess work and trailing with other brands. She created Hot Ombre in 2019 that brought the ultimate lip kits around the world.


Have you bought yours set? You can purchase our lip kits on our website www.hotombrecosmetics.com

Beth Wainwright

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