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The perfect gift guide for her this Christmas


Let’s face it buying the perfect gift for her on occasion especially Christmas is difficult and confusing, there is so much choice and variety it is hard to know where to start and what she would appreciate. The bubble bath you picked out last year? She has only used it once. A lot of the time your well-meaning gifts end up being a little unloved, not from lack of effort, but because she wouldn’t have chosen it herself.


No need to panic – here at Hot Ombre Cosmetics we’ve got you covered. We’ve took the guess work of buying her make up or cosmetics out with our Full Collection Ombre Lip Kit. Our Full Collection has every matt liquid ombre lip kit shade plus our Hot Shine Balm all in our signature gift box – so you won’t even have to wrap it!


Hot Ombre Lip kits are the perfect gift for her this Christmas, the dual end liquid lipstick has been designed to offer the perfect ombre lip look and has been designed by beauty queen CC Clarke. It is a keen favourite amongst beauty bloggers/experts which makes it the perfect gift for her. You don’t even have to worry about what colour or shade she would prefer as our Full Collection has it all, from nudes to reds our ombre matt liquid lipstick will have her set for any occasion.


Hot Ombre matt lip stain stands out above the rest as the formula has been created and tested by the ombre lip look queen herself CC Clarke, the darker shade (step 1) is applied first to the lip then the lighter shade (step2) is applied over the top and blended in to create the perfect ombre look, topped with our luscious Hot Shine Balm it gives the illusion of fuller, plumped lips.


So don’t worry your Christmas shopping is sorted, she will be amazed and excited about her Christmas gift this year if there is a Hot Ombre box under the tree. Whether she is going out or staying in this Christmas her make up bag is now complete, and she has got you to thank for it. You can shop all our ombre liquid lipsticks on our website www.hotombrecosmetics.com and can see how much girls all over the world are loving the products on our Instagram page @hotombre.cosmetics. What are you waiting for?

Beth Wainwright

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