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If someone told us last year that people would be using our Hot Ombre Lip Kits as eye colour we would have thought you were crazy – but when we saw the amazing Grannie Bins (@grainnebinns) do just that we now realise how we have been missing out.


Our ombré lip kit formula is now becoming a hero product for many across the world and is a must have in any beauty lovers make up bag – have you got yours yet?


In the IGTV hit Grainne Binns (@grainnebinns) begins by using our best-selling Scorched Candy Immortal Matte Lip Kit in colour Candy as a base colour on her eyelid (yes, I know lip stick on your eyes, odd right? Just wait till you see the results) The formula of the lip kit glides onto the lid smoothly and gives a perfect pigmented colour, whilst still giving a dewy glow. They key to this look is to blend like never before, blending is so important for any eye look, so this technique is no different.


Now the eye base is complete and looking fire by the way, Grainne then goes in with colour Scorched from the lip kit and applies the perfect winged eyeliner. The shape of our lip kit brushes allows you to get the perfect flick of eyeliner across the lid with a strong pigmented colour – because black is so last year!


Topped with our signature Hot Ombré Lip and the look is complete – have you tried this yet? Tag us @hotombre.cosmetics when you do

Beth Wainwright

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